I speak of the mystery of life and beauty. In my art, I explore this mystery as myths, fairy tales, or symbolisms of the rich experiences of life. By embracing life and art with the wonder of a child, I truly reach the core beauty of life’s enchantments.

Using oils, I approach my work with the techniques of classical realism, placing a great importance on the use of light. I employ the time consuming glazing techniques of the old masters, using layer after layer of transparent paint. With glaze upon glaze of color, the luminescent qualities of light and color are achieved and my subject is brought to life.

With a unique vision, Dawn Pitre creates powerful and provocative images of nature and myth. Dawn’s paintings are suffused with a beauty that extends beyond her masterful blending of color and light. Her art communicates on an emotional level and speaks to the essence of the human experience. Dawn considers herself a classical surrealist with a contemporary, verging on fantasy, flair that expresses the mystical elements of nature and the power of myth as a vision of mans’ higher self.

Dawn was born in 1969 at Miami Beach, Florida. Both of her parents are also renowned artists and their influence has helped to refine her talent. Dawn currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the enchantment of the Islands permeates her work.

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