"Alice Goes to the Beach", is a lively and colorful children's adventure, about a young girl going to the beach to have a picnic. On her way, she meets many different animals that join her on her journey. This book was written and illustrated to not only entertain children, but to effectively educate them as well. It teaches the value of making friends and contains learning components by introducing animals and adjectives, that children can easily relate to. This book, will appeal to picture learners and beginning readers. The illustrations are enticing and the story is easy and fun for a young reader. "Alice Goes to the Beach" is an inviting adventure that the reader will want to read again and again.

This book is attractive to publishers because it is marketable to parents, teachers, and of course young children who would appreciate this "easy to read" book for it’s basic learning content, fun story line, and it’s vivid and charming illustrations.

I am currently seeking a publisher. If you share my enthusiasm for “Alice Goes to the Beach” please click the contact button below.

Dawn Pitre